ANNALS of Faculty Engineering Hunedoara-International Journal of Engineering THE USEOF A PHOTOGRAMMETRIC METHOD IN ASSESSMENT OF TIN CAR BODY PRODUCTION

Juraj Hudák, Miroslav Tomáš, Dagmar Draganovská, Peter Ižol
The paper deals with assessment of tin car body production byphotogrammetric method.The optical 3D forming analysis system ARGUSwas used at experimental work when the tin car body production has been proposed. Two methods of car body production were evaluated-the first one used deep drawing in open die and the second one used deep drawingin closed die with elastomer Fibroflex applied at the bottom of the die. The tin steel sheet TS 245 with thickness 0.28 mm had been used as an experimental
more » ... rial. The shapes of pressings were evaluated using the photogrammetric 3D measuring system ARGUS. Besides, the wall thickness change and the strain distribution on the surface of pressings were evaluated as well. These values had been compared for both method of the tin car body production.