Designing and Application of β-Cyclodextrin-based Copolymers for Remediation of Azo Dyes

Fatima Tariq, Uzaira Rafique
2018 Építőanyag: Journal of Silicate Based and Composite Materials  
the world is facing pollution challenges globally and there is need to implement clean and costeffective technologies to remediate the environment. the plan of present research work is to copolymerize synthetic materials (β-cyclodextrin) as cost effective and eco-friendly adsorbents for environmental remediation. the synthetic material is copolymerized and further modified with beetroot peels. the samples were investigated under Ftir and sem. the frequencies were recorded at 2931 cm -1 and 1016
more » ... 2931 cm -1 and 1016 cm -1 confirm the presence of β-cyclodextrin in the synthesized copolymer. the wider cavities depicted under sem are expected to enhance the uptake capacity of modified copolymers for organic moieties. the inclusion complex of β-cyclodextrin depicts rectangular features with milky white surface confirmed by XrD. the synthesized copolymer was applied as adsorbent in a batch mode to determine efficiency for the amputation of a wide range of environmental pollutants. the results of uv-vis have proved that crystal violet and congo red show (87%) and (69%) removal, respectively at optimum dose. the study concludes the successful synthesis of β-cyclodextrin modified with beetroot peels as efficient adsorbent for the removal of dyes. keywords: β-cyclodextrin, crystal violet (cv), congo red (cr), sem, Ftir fatima tAriq Ph.d. Ph.D scholar from Fatima jinnah Women university, has completed her Ph.D. in 2018 with dissertation entitled "Development of hybrids as nanocarriers for targeted drug delivery". she also carried out applications of computational modelling on synthesized hybrids from university college London, uk. she has number of publications from her m.Phil and Ph.D research work. in addition she has file a patent along with the co-author of chapter based on various cinematographic techniques in manual. uzaira rAfique Dean of Faculty of sciences and technology at Fatima jinnah Women university, rawalpindi Pakistan. Her research expertise based on synthesis, structure and physical properties of inorganic, organic, hybrid and composite materials. the basic aim of her research group is to discover new materials with potential useful properties particularly with projected applications in field of environmental remediation.
doi:10.14382/epitoanyag-jsbcm.2018.15 fatcat:syonjq5cvbgcro2bqfoldizgmu