Observation of spin-glass-like behavior inSrRuO3epitaxial thin films

R. Palai, H. Huhtinen, J. F. Scott, R. S. Katiyar
2009 Physical Review B  
We report the observation of spin-glass-like behavior and strong magnetic anisotropy in extremely smooth (~1-3 \AA) roughness) epitaxial (110) and (010) SrRuO3 thin films. The easy axis of magnetization is always perpendicular to the plane of the film (unidirectional) irrespective of crystallographic orientation. An attempt has been made to understand the nature and origin of spin-glass behavior, which fits well with Heisenberg model.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.79.104413 fatcat:rkjf6kuiafhblnh66xzvffjwxq