Characterization and Gene Mapping of a Novel Mutant in Rice Floral Organsa

Luo Weixiong, Li Ming, Chen Jun, Luo Qiong
We obtained a rice floral mutant, inner flower organ number 6 (fon6), from the progenies of tissue culture of a japonica variety Taichung65. The mutant has double ovaries, multi-stigmas, and 7 to 8 stamens. The mutant trait is controlled by a single recessive gene. The F 2 population derived from the cross between Zhongxian 3037 and fon6 was used for gene mapping. FON6 was mapped to the ~480-kb region between the sequence-tagged site markers PL4 and PL5 on chromosome 6. These results will be
more » ... ful for cloning and functional analysis of the gene.
doi:10.3724/sp.j.1259.2011.00506 fatcat:62vw75jcvzco5h4ksbtdc2z2c4