Technical Dimensions of the Development of Unmanned Aerial Systems and Their Impact on Public Service Uses

András Németh
2018 Academic and Applied Research in Military and Public  
Due to the processes and specialized research of the revolution in technological and scientific information of the last few decades, the development of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) has now reached the state where it may become a defining factor in the market of civil technologies. In the wake of efforts to enhance aviation safety since the first generation of multicopters, hobby and professional tools have become available that—provided that statutory requirements are flexible enough—could
more » ... used in corporate and government sectors alike.However, the use of such equipment to improve public services would require a strategic-level policy change. Due to rapid technological changes, the speed at which drones are developing is unprecedented, and such equipment is becoming dated significantly faster than, for example, the planned life-cycle of military equipment.These circumstances call for a solution that breaks away from existing procurement principles, and is able to continuously provide government organizations with equipment that meets the latest technical standards, and supports the efficient execution of the most diverse specialized tasks.This publication aims to present the complexity, technical dimensions and development trends of "drone science", along with suggestions on how their use could be efficiently integrated into the toolbox of public service tasks.
doi:10.32565/aarms.2018.3.10 fatcat:kp45tbpmsnakvkvbdyhflp7zyu