Enhancing coexistence of mobile species in the cyclic competition system by wildlife refuge

Yikang Lu, Chen Shen, Mengjie Wu, Chunpeng Du, Lei Shi, Junpyo Park
2022 Chaos  
We investigate evolving dynamics of cyclically competing species on spatially extended systems with considering a specific region, which is called the "wildlife refuge," one of the institutional ways to preserve species biodiversity. Through Monte-Carlo simulations, we found that the refuge can play not groundbreaking but an important role in species survival. Species coexistence is maintained at a moderate mobility regime, which traditionally leads to the collapse of coexistence, and
more » ... , the extinction is postponed depending on the competition rate rather than the portion of the refuge. Incorporating the extinction probability and Fourier transform supported our results in both stochastic and analogous ways. Our findings may provide valuable evidence to assist fields of ecological/biological sciences in understanding the presence and construction of refuges for wildlife with associated effects on species biodiversity.
doi:10.1063/5.0093342 pmid:36049906 fatcat:r5hussz6u5cd3cwzundl4p564a