Recent Literature Œuvres Complètes de J. M. Charcot . Tome IX: Hèmorrhagie et Ramollissement du Cerveau; Métallothérapie et Hypnotisme; Electrotherapie. 8vo, pp. viii, 571. With 34 illustrations in the text and 13 plates. Paris: Aux Bureaux du Progrès Médical. 1890

1891 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
Institul de Chirurgie, Annl., 1890-91. Bucuresci: Lito-lipograpia Carol G\l=o"\bl. Under this title, Professor Assaky, of Bukharest, dedicates to the students of medicine a first volume of clinical instruction, based upon original investigation made in connection with two practical courses : surgical anatomy and special operations. Part I of this book (two hundred pages) contains results of researches, by ten physicians, concerning rheumatism, pulse and temperature, therapeutic action of
more » ... ic action of di-iodo-salicylic acid, abdominal tumors, and craniocerebral topography, et al.
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