Adaptive Transmission Scheme with Precoding for Improved Performance in the Wireless Communication

Sang-Young Kim, Yong-Jun Kim, Jung-In Baik, Hyoung-Kyu Song
In the wireless communication system, the mobile station (MS) has a performance degradation by path loss and inter-cell interference (ICI) according to the MS's movement. Especially, the MS suffers from ICI by the unwanted signal of neighboring cell. This letter proposes adaptive transmission scheme according to the MS's movement in order to prevent the degradation of performance by path loss and ICI. The proposed scheme uses a cooperative communication and pre-coding scheme in order to improve
more » ... the performance of the wireless communication system. When the MS is located in cell edge, the proposed scheme can reduce ICI by using coordinated multi-point (CoMP) and pre-coding. The proposed scheme can reduce a power of the unwanted signal by using the destructive pre-coding. Also, the destructive pre-coding does not cause the performance degradation of the MSs in the neighboring cell. The simulation results show that the proposed scheme can improve more a performance than the conventional scheme in the wireless communication system.