A New Approach to the Art of Collage in View of Conceptual Art Findings

Reem Elswaifi
2021 Journal of Design Sciences and Applied Arts  
Images, text, signs and symbols have an important impact on how we understand our surroundings. Conceptual art focuses on the idea as the most important component in the artwork, components such as images and text are used to emphasis the meaning by creating a connection between them by using different techniques such as collage. Collage started with the Cubist movement as a means of creating artwork from different sources that have visual and tactile representations connecting image and text
more » ... ng image and text with meaning. The research aims to focus on collage technique as a medium to connect Image, text and meaning based on Conceptual art principles and findings.
doi:10.21608/jdsaa.2021.37397.1072 fatcat:epr7yufa7nagjckejz6oqd37ii