"Underwater Reefs" of Democracy

Teimuraz Kareli
The aim of the article is to discuss the problems of transition from autocraty to democracy. The author analyzing so called "underwater reefs" of democracy marks our internal and extremal dilemmas: oligarchy, self-elimination, "cycling" in politics, functional autonomy, interdependence. The article especially underlines and describes those terma which define the weakness of democracy in the process of transformation: Avolding difficult decisions by politicians due to pressure from interest
more » ... s or fear of losing the election Exercising the freedom gained by democracy by interest groups, lobbyists who seek to raise more funds through tax or budget subsidies manipulating very impotant problems for the country as a tool of political struggle failure to keep promises, especially during elections dividing democracy into common and local spheres competent, application structure of the state administration. It also confirms the idea that to elaborate and to carry out of effective political course is available only on the basis of serious empirical research of those problems discussed in the article and the results of these researches.
doi:10.52340/tuw.2021.458 fatcat:lwydbwtmdvaonmgkiv3jgqs7su