Object Oriented Intelligent Multi-Agent System Data Cleaning Architecture to clean Preference based Text Data

G. Arumugam, T. Joshva Devadas
2010 International Journal of Computer Applications  
Agents are software programs that perform tasks on behalf of others and they are used to clean the text data with their characteristics. Agents are task oriented with the ability to learn by themselves and they react to the situation. Learning characteristics of an agent is done by verifying its previous experience from its knowledgebase. An agent concept is a complementary approach to the Object Oriented paradigm with respect to the design and implementation of the autonomous entities driven
more » ... beliefs, goals and plans. Preference based text data cleaning is based on the selection issue. Preferences are given by the user in the form of alphabets, numbers and special characters. Preference based Text data cleaning process transforms the given text data into structured database and extracts the required information using the given keyword. Agents incorporated in the architectural design of a Text data cleaning process combines the features of Multi-Agent System (MAS) Framework, MAS with Learning (MAS-L) Framework. MAS framework reduces the development time and the complexity of implementing the software agents. MAS-L framework incorporates the intelligence and learning properties of agents present in the system. MAS-L Framework makes use of the Decision Tree learning and an evaluation function to decide the next best decision that applies to the machine learning technique. Objective of MAS framework is to reduce the development time and the complexity of implementing software agents [31] . The design of this framework is based on Gaia methodology, which is used to build models in the analysis and the design phase [34] . This framework is composed of one abstract class Agent, two final classes namely ProcessMessageThread and AgentCommunicationLayer and four interfaces [10] . The
doi:10.5120/1404-1894 fatcat:trtd5sclyrbcbk4hxq7gxgassm