Evaluation of the efficiency of bacterial cellulose synthesized by acetobacter xylinum in absorption and release of tetracycline hydrochloride

Poormohammadi Mojaveri, Jafari Azar Z, Ghaffari Ar
2011 ) AMUJ ( Arak Medical University Journal   unpublished
Bacterial cellulose synthesized by acetobacter xylinum is a harmless microbial product with unique characteristics as an ideal dress that many studies have been done on. The aim of this study was to consider the capability of this product in absorption and release of tetracycline hydrochloride. Indication of this capability can pave the way for supplying a new dressing containing antibiotic from bacterial cellulose. Materials and Methods: In this experimental study, cellulose sheet was
more » ... impregnated on aqueous solution of tetracycline hydrochloride. Then the release process was considered in diluted water and normal saline. Ultra violet spectrophotometry method was applied to the detection of the antibiotic during absorption and release processes. Results: The results of data analysis demonstrated that bacterial cellulose has a great potential in absorption of tetracycline hydrochloride and can release it in a wet environment. Conclusion: Considering the advantages of bacterial cellulose over traditional dressings, the results of this study can provide the ground for further research on supplying an ideal dressing containing antibiotic from this microbial product.