Pliocene agglutinated benthic Foraminifera from Site U1341 in the Bering Sea (IODP Expedition 323)

Michael A. KAMINSKI, Sev KENDER, Agnieszka CIUREJ, Ramona BĂLC, Eiichi SETOYAMA
2013 Geological Quarterly  
5 Fac ulty of En vi ron men tal Sci ence, Babeº-Bolyai Uni ver sity, Fântânele 30, 400294, Cluj-Napoca, Ro ma nia Kaminski M.A., Kender S., Ciurej A., Bãlc R. and Setoyama E. (2013) Plio cene ag glu ti nated ben thic Foraminifera from Site U1341 in the Be ring Sea (IODP Ex pe di tion 323). Geo log i cal Quar terly, 57 (2): 335-342, doi: 10.7306/gq.1087 We pres ent the first re cord of ben thic foraminiferal as sem blages from 92 sam ples col lected at approx. 3 m res o lu tion in the bot tom
more » ... n in the bot tom part of Hole U1341B drilled in the south ern Be ring Sea dur ing In te grated Ocean Drill ing Pro gram (IODP) Ex pe di tion 323. Plio cene ag glu ti nated foraminiferal are gen er ally rare within highly diatomaceous claystones oc cur ring from the base of the hole at 601.87 m be low sea floor (mbsf) to ~320 mbfs. The ag glu ti nated foraminiferal as sem blages are strongly dom inated by the infaunal gen era Eggerella, Karreriella, Martinotiella, and Spirosigmoilina. The cal car e ous-ce mented Eggerella and Martinottiella are canaliculated with pores that are open to the test sur face. Tu bu lar ag glu ti nated foraminifera are rare and are only found in iso lated sam ples. The eco log i cal in for ma tion gained from this as sem blage sup ports other proxy in forma tion in di cat ing high lev els of or ganic pro duc tiv ity and se verely hypoxic con di tions in the Be ring Sea deep wa ter dur ing the Plio cene.
doi:10.7306/gq.1087 fatcat:eppiobjycncmzbiar6e5cozepq