S1110103 Effects of micro shot peening and roller burnishing on rolling contact fatigue of bearing surface
S1110103 転がり軸受の疲労特性に及ぼすショットピーニングとローラーバニシングの効果

Shinya SATO, Hatsuhiko USAMI
2015 The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress Japan  
Applicabmaty of surfaoe modi 五cabon proeess re1 且 わ ed with sur 鉛oe pla8tic de 丘)mation such as a shot pee 血 g and a roller burnis g tr 〕 improve fatigue properties of roller bea 血 1gs . Commercial grade bea血 g raceway was used for the expe 血 ent . The residual stre8s and the hardnes8 曲 t血bution of the spec 洫 en was measured with an x ・ ray d 丗 ac缸on and micro Vickers 血 dentation . 1Crhe hardness distribubion of the shot peened and burnished spec 血 en was high and bmad . The residual stress
more » ... ribution of the shot peened and bumished spec 血 en showed 8i皿 iar tendenqy With that of the hardness and was anisotmpic depending on the bumishj皿 g direction . Roni皿 g oontact fatigue was evaluated with a developed apparatus using s 丗 oon nitride ball8 as m 皿血 g element . It iS f ( ) und that the st 肥 ss distribu 虹on after the fatigue exper 血 ent is conSiderably different fbOm those of the initial stage . Key Mords:ball bearing , shot peening , rollcr burnishing , residual stress, Vickers hardness, roSling contact fatigue 1. 緒 言
doi:10.1299/jsmemecj.2015._s1110103- fatcat:jdaykqzkbfe3tky6tofnflpvp4