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Redaksi Jurnal
2019 Jurnal Teknologi Dirgantara  
Pedoman Penulisan Jurnal Teknologi Dirgantara) JUDUL MAKALAH DITULIS DENGAN HURUF KAPITAL TEBAL SECARA SINGKAT DAN JELAS, (Studi Kasus : apabila ada) (16 pt, Britannic Bold ) Judul dibuat dalam 2 bahasa (Indonesia dan Inggris), apabila tulisan dalam bahasa Indonesia, maka judul dalam bahasa Inggris ditulis dalam tanda kurung (16 pt, Britannic Bold ) Abstract is a summary of the most important elements of the paper, written in one paragraph in the one column of a maximum of 200 words. Abstract
more » ... 0 words. Abstract made in two languages written with the Bookman Old Style 9 pt. If the paper written in Indonesian, the Indonesian abstract written first then followed by English abstract and vice versa. The title "ABSTRAK" or "ABSTRACT" made with uppercase letters, and bold.
doi:10.30536/j.jtd.2019.v17.a3284 fatcat:prhrpkdz6jeozh5c5iyqcjykkq