Density-based Community Detection/Optimization [article]

Rui Portocarrero Sarmento
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Modularity-based algorithms used for community detection have been increasing in recent years. Modularity and its application have been generating controversy since some authors argue it is not a metric without disadvantages. It has been shown that algorithms that use modularity to detect communities suffer a resolution limit and, therefore, it is unable to identify small communities in some situations. In this work, we try to apply a density optimization of communities found by the label
more » ... ation algorithm and study what happens regarding modularity of optimized results. We introduce a metric we call ADC (Average Density per Community); we use this metric to prove our optimization provides improvements to the community density obtained with benchmark algorithms. Additionally, we provide evidence this optimization might not alter modularity of resulting communities significantly. Additionally, by also using the SSC (Strongly Connected Components) concept we developed a community detection algorithm that we also compare with the label propagation algorithm. These comparisons were executed with several test networks and with different network sizes. The results of the optimization algorithm proved to be interesting. Additionally, the results of the community detection algorithm turned out to be similar to the benchmark algorithm we used.
arXiv:1904.12593v1 fatcat:ax6zeb5ggzgjdcltv2pwktjim4