Accumulation of spin-polarized states of charge carriers and a spintronic battery

L. А. Pastur, V. V. Slavin, A. V. Yanovsky
2020 Low temperature physics (Woodbury, N.Y., Print)  
Spin valves based on materials in which the spin-flip is suppressed by the spatial separation of charge carriers, while maintaining electric neutrality in the valve volume, are considered. The possibility of using these valves as electric batteries is discussed. It is shown that if the potential difference across the valve is controlled, incommensurability effects such as the "devil's staircase" may be expected, which are associated with the Coulomb interaction and redistribution of electrons
more » ... curring while the battery is charged and discharged. The effects of the emergence and vanishing of spontaneous spin polarization of conduction electrons with a change in the Fermi level in the valve are predicted. Such spin valves can also be used in implementing spintronic memory cells, supercapacitors, and similar devices.
doi:10.1063/10.0001370 fatcat:qwdabup3wbdm5ccifi4yq2xfe4