Italianismi in polacco nel contesto slavo-occidentale

Stanisław Widłak, Universita' Degli Studi Di Salerno, Universita' Degli Studi Di Salerno
The presence of italianisms in West Slavic languages forms a fairly complex issue. This phenomenon, due to the various historical and sociolinguistic conditions, can be especially observed in Polish language. Close relations between Italy and Poland have contributed to the interpenetration of their language systems hence moulding of many Italian loanwords in Polish. The article presents general division of italianisms, dividing them into direct and indirect and taking also into consideration a
more » ... pecial category of Latin-Italian loanwords. It is rich in examples of italianisms accepted in Polish language, as well as in its regional variations and dialects. What is more, it extensively explains how given Italian words were adjusted to the Polish language system. Furthermore, it was briefly presented how the relations between Italy and Poland developed and how it helped to enrich Polish culture and its links with Western Europe.
doi:10.14273/unisa-1680 fatcat:emkx5c34wnhcxfklwd7e2266ou