A Survey on Smart Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Power Systems and Its Issues

Sarika Gautami, Rajeev Tiwari
2019 IJOSTHE  
Photovoltaic power generation refers to the use of solar photovoltaic cells to the solar radiation can be directly transformed into electricity generation. Distributed photovoltaic power generation, refers to the construction in the vicinity of the user's location, the operation mode to the user side of spontaneous self-occupied mainly, the excess power on the Internet, and in the distribution system to balance the characteristics of the photovoltaic power generation facilities. Distributed
more » ... ovoltaic power generation follow the principle of local conditions, clean and efficient, decentralized layout, the principle of the nearest use, and make full use of local solar energy resources, alternative and reduce fossil energy consumption. This paper aims to investigate and emphasize the importance of the grid-connected PV system. The investigation was conducted to critically review the literature on expected potential problems associated with issues of PV based grid system. The main purpose of this paper is to discuss the basic understanding of photovoltaic (PV) based distributed generation power system and how these power flows will influence the performance and stability of a power system. Some of the PV grid integration issues such as voltage regulation, voltage sags, harmonic distortion, etc are also discussed and possible solutions are also mentioned.
doi:10.24113/ojssports.v4i3.87 fatcat:2m2rtqlhqreohmlkhy23jsvora