A Cardboard Dante: Hell's Metropolis Revisited

Ronald de Rooy, Manuele Gragnolati, Fabio Camilletti, Fabian Lampart
The subject of this paper is a recent comic movie version of Dante's Comedy: a 2007 puppet and toy theatre adaptation of the Inferno directed by Sean Meredith. It is certainly not the first time that Dante and his theatre of hell appear in this kind of environment. Mickey Mouse has followed Dante's footsteps and very recently a weird bunch of prehistoric animals went a similar path: in part three of the blockbuster Ice Age (2009), a new, lippy guide character named Buck uses several Dante
more » ... and the whole strange voyage can be described as a Dantesque descent into dinosaur hell. In the following pages I will argue that Meredith's version of Dante's Inferno is not only funny and entertaining, but that it is also surprisingly innovative if we compare it to other literature and movies which project Dante's hell or parts of it onto the modern metropolis. [...]
doi:10.25620/ci-02_21 fatcat:yzjooblgjjg3hb3b6uu7ql7qzq