Performance analysis of biogas premixed charge diesel dual fuelled engine

Hitesh N Prajapati, Tushar M Patel, Gaurav P Rathod
2014 IOSR Journal of Mechanical and Civil Engineering  
This paper presents the technical performance measurements of biogas premixed charge diesel dual fuelled engine. A 4-stroke research diesel engine was used for the performance analysis. The performance parameters like engine brake power, brake specific fuel consumption, volumetric efficiency and brake thermal efficiency were measured and compared with conventional diesel with different proportion of biogas-diesel dual fuel (minimum flow 8kg/hr, intermediate flow 9.8 kg/hr and full flow 11.9
more » ... full flow 11.9 kg/hr). The average brake power 0.6 kW at lower load and 2.80 kW at higher load condition which is almost nearest to diesel operation. brake thermal efficiency lower at low load and it is increased with increase in load than neat fuel operation(Around 16% to 17% at lower load and 40% at higher load condition) .The value of maximum brake thermal efficiency is 40% with full flow (11.9Kg/hr) at higher load condition.SFC value of neat diesel 0.65 kg/kWh at lower load and 0.30 kg/kWh at higher load and dual fuel and dual fuel has 0.51 kg/kWh at lower load and 0.21 kg/kWh at higher load condition. The reference volumetric efficiency of engine has almost similar volumetric efficiency when using dual fuel and diesel (about 80% at lower load and 78% at higher load). But with slight reduction is seen in using dual fuel operation (about 79% at lower load and 77% at higher load).
doi:10.9790/1684-11310812 fatcat:hvibtpmojjfkfjnvqrkd6lqevm