1893 Mind  
550 NBW BOOKS. and regresdTe lawa M. de Greef endeavours to show what the conditions are which produce social advancement or decay. Social decay passes through (he same stages as mental decay. What the mind acquires last it loses first. It is the same with society. When a society begins to degenerate the decline first becomes visible in it* most complex structures, that is to say, in those structure* which are oi most recent growth and are most dependent npon the harmonious co-operation of a
more » ... o-operation of a multitude of antecedent conditions. If the representative system, for instance, is to be looked unon in its present form as the most complex system of government which the world has ever produced, and if there are evident signs that this system is tottering, without any corresponding signs that it is being supplanted by a still more highly evolved instrument, we are to conclade that there is social regression and that society is descending to a lower and less highly evolved plane. In view of recent events we can only exclaim, Abril omen. SchrifUn dtr Ottelltehaft fur ptychologiteht Fortehunq, Heft 5. Jtan PauTi Seelenlehre. Yon Dr. R VON KOBBER. Die Prychologie Charles
doi:10.1093/mind/ii.8.550 fatcat:veuhnikd3zgbjmgtmrmeuqywlq