Rosnani Sahardin, Syarifah Hudiya, Iskandar Abdul Samad
2020 Humanities & Social Sciences Reviews  
Purpose of the study: The purpose of this study is to find out the slang word-formation processes uttered by Kasino, the main character in the movie. Slang also underwent some processes in general word-formation. Methodology: The research method of this study was descriptive qualitative with content analysis. Content analysis is one of the types of qualitative research that focuses on analyzing recorded data and interpreting recorded material to learn human behavior. The data for this
more » ... for this qualitative research were collected from the utterances produced by Kasino which contain slang words. They were obtained by watching the movie and transcribing the movie script. To analyze the processes of slang word-formation, this study consulted Mattiello's (2008) theory. Main Findings: From the analysis, this study found 11 slangs of compounding, 16 slang of prefixation, 19 slang of suffixation, 9 slang of conversion, 9 slang of reduplicative, 2 slangs of acronym and initialism, 6 slangs of blending, 13 slangs of clipping, 98 slangs of variation, and 2 slangs of word manufactured and fanciful formation from the total of 186 data. Application of this study: The finding of this research contributes theoretically and practically for the sociolinguistic and morphology area of slang words. Theoretically, this research is expected to enrich the understanding of sociolinguistic and morphology studies, especially in slang word-formation. Practically, this research is expected to give a relevant answer into the gap based on the lack of slang word and the slang word-formation existed in Indonesian comedy movies. Novelty/Originality of this study: The different types of word-formation processes found in this research can assist readers and other researchers on the Indonesian slang word-formation processes.
doi:10.18510/hssr.2020.8322 fatcat:ugga4uurezhjfjjinmp2o6aol4