Effect of Viral DNA Synthesis of Poxvirus upon Nuclear DNA Synthesis of Synchronized FL Cells

Masanobu Mantani, Hiroyuki Miyamoto, Shiro Kato
CMMARY The relationship between the cell cycle of FL cells and the multi Iication of cowpo\ \, irus and ectromelia \, irus \\, as studied in a syncllTonous cell culture using double thymidine treatment and autoradiography of 'H-thymidine. Nuclear DNA synthesis of the synchronizing cells showin viral DNA s ,nthesi was definitely, but ITot completely, suppresscd, and occurred excltisivel}, duriii the physiological " S " phase of these cells. The initotic figure could also be seen in some cells
more » ... wing \, iral DNA synthesis. No disturbance in the chronolo v of nuclear DNA synthesis in cells showing viral DNA synthesis \\. as observed. The cell cycle did ITot affect the multiplication of these viruses.
doi:10.18910/82867 fatcat:c4bjhxuavfemvfuka4fgxsfhpq