Low Power Context Aware Hierarchical System Design [article]

Stanislav Bobovych, Maryland Shared Open Access Repository, Banerjee, Nilanjan ; Robucci, Ryan ;
Embedded systems have come to play central roles in our lives. Smart, wearable ultra low power systems have become prevalent thanks to advances in sensing, communication, computation, and miniaturization. Though the individual subsystems have improved, designing these systems is a challenge since their compute, communication, and sensing components are tightly coupled. System engineers creating these devices must consider the whole hardware/software stack and the application at hand in order to
more » ... stay within the limited energy budget of these systems. There has been a lot of research focused on each particular facet of low power systems, yet few have tried to approach the problem from the system and application integration level. The objective of the proposed research is to explore various hierarchical architectures through the development and deployment of systems for geospatial and medical applications.
doi:10.13016/m2ftb2-fkxe fatcat:37ww2xerpzbmfaflib7ymihpq4