Records of Lathys sexoculata (Araneae: Dictynidae) from Japan, with a Description of the Male

Hirotsugu ONO, Kiyoto OGATA
1993 Acta Arachnologica  
Lathys sexoculata SEO et SoHN, 1984 , Araneae, Dictynidae, is recorded from Aichi, Tottori, and Hiroshima Prefectures, southwestern Japan. Its male is described for the first time and the palpal organ is illustrated. The dictynid spider recorded as Lathys punctosparsa from Okayama Prefecture by NtsHIKAwA and KAWANAKA (1973) was considered to be the same as L, sexoculata.
doi:10.2476/asjaa.42.129 fatcat:yjoserz65zhoxmltssyvwcabri