A língua falada na TV Texto falado ou escrito? (The language spoken on TV: oral or written text?)

& Linguagem, Ensino
2003 unpublished
Linguistic studies focusing on the relation between written and spoken language have grown signif i-cantly in Brazil, but they have not included language used on TV programs as a study object yet. Considering this fact, we have decided to develop studies on the characte r-istics of the language used on TV, specifically on TV news. This paper describes the main characteristics found on TV news language and has the objective to discuss its insertion on the continuum between spoken and written
more » ... ken and written language. The conclusions we have arrived at point to the need of a profound study which takes into account on one side, the linguistic studies which focus on the relation between written and spoken language and, on the other side, the research done on the fuction of secondary orality in a literate society. RESUMO: Os estudos lingüísticos sobre a relação f a-la/escrita no Brasil progrediram significativamente, mas ainda não incorporaram a linguagem da TV como objeto de estudo. Atentos a essa realidade, estamos desenvolven