International Journal of Enterprise Computing and Business Systems DEEP ANALYSIS OF WEB SERVER LOG FILES FOR VULNERABILITY ANALYSIS

Amit Sharma
The investigation of analysis in antagonistic situations is a developing control at the point between Deep analysis of Web server log files for vulnerability analysis in web server. The enthusiasm for analysis-based strategies for security-and framework plan applications originates from the high level of intricacy of marvels fundamental the security and dependability of PC frameworks. As it turns out to be progressively troublesome to achieve the craved properties exclusively utilizing
more » ... y planned components, analysis strategies are being utilized increasingly to acquire a superior comprehension of different information gathered from these perplexing frameworks. In any case, analysis methodologies can be dodged by enemies, who change their conduct because of the analysis strategies. At last various other potential applications were pinpointed outside of the conventional extent of PC security in which security issues may likewise emerge in association with information driven strategies. Cases of such applications are web-based social networking spam, literary theft discovery, initiation recognizable proof, copyright implementation, PC vision (especially in the setting of biometrics), and estimation investigation.