Analysis of laser shock experiments on precompressed samples using a quartz reference and application to warm dense hydrogen and helium

Stephanie Brygoo, Marius Millot, Paul Loubeyre, Amy E. Lazicki, Sebastien Hamel, Tingting Qi, Peter M. Celliers, Federica Coppari, Jon H. Eggert, Dayne E. Fratanduono, Damien G. Hicks, J. Ryan Rygg (+4 others)
2015 Journal of Applied Physics  
Megabar (1 Mbar = 100 GPa) laser shocks on precompressed samples allow reaching unprecedented high densities and moderately high 10000-100000K temperatures. We describe here a complete analysis framework for the velocimetry (VISAR) and pyrometry (SOP) data produced in these experiments. Since the precompression increases the initial density of both the sample of interest and the quartz reference for pressure-density, reflectivity and temperature measurements, we describe analytical corrections
more » ... ytical corrections based on available experimental data on warm dense silica and density-functional-theory based molecular dynamics computer simulations. Using our improved analysis framework we report a re-analysis of previously published data on warm dense hydrogen and helium, compare the newly inferred pressure, density and temperature data with most advanced equation of state models and provide updated reflectivity values.
doi:10.1063/1.4935295 fatcat:mlmjgnnysnaonaiaflrm2qnosa