Analisis Komparatif Sistem Keamanan Windows 7 Dan Windows 8 [post]

Cosmas Eko Suharyanto
2019 unpublished
The operating system is a vital part of the computer system. Windows users still occupies the top position in the operating system user statistics. The popular Windows operating system, Windows 7 and Windows 8, they still have loyal users. The issue of information security becomes important with the increasing use of today's technology in various aspects. This study aims to analyze system security in Windows 7 and Windows 8. The results of this study prove the security system of Windows 8 is
more » ... erior to its predecessor Windows 7. However, the primacy of security system Windows 8 can not be separated from some of notes that should be of concern to the user
doi:10.31227/ fatcat:s7mvf52szbhkdg5grl5tx7iyq4