Assessment of Personality, Psychomotor Abilities, Spirituality and Team Work in Surgeons Depending on Experience: a Prospective Pilot Study [post]

Mladenka Vukojević, Arta Dodaj, Ana Zovko, Zdrinko Brekalo, Kristina Galic, Ante Kvesic, Bruno Splavski
2020 unpublished
Background: A few studies described surgical personality, inquiring all its dimensions, as well as surgeons' psychomotor abilities and propensity for teamwork. Even fewer papers examined their spirituality and its impact on the effectiveness of daily surgical labor. The aim of this paper is to evaluate personality traits, psychomotor abilities and spirituality in surgeons and surgical residents, as well as propensity for teamwork in relation to their work experience.Methods: The study involved
more » ... 5 male surgeons aged 40-49 and 15 male surgical residents aged 30-39, who were divided into the case and control group according to their age. The Eysenck Personality Questionnaire, visual stimulus response rate, oculomotor, and manual ability assessments, movement stability testing, intrinsic/extrinsic religious orientation, and teamwork efficiency questionnaires were used. Results: No statistically significant differences in personality traits, psychomotor abilities, religious orientation, and propensity for teamwork were recorded between surgeons and residents. These may support the specialty choice, and selection of surgical teams helping them to make important professional decisions, which well-affect the patients' outcome.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:ylq4t4iyvbdehbbiodd62ptjau