Summary of miscellaneous potassium-argon age measurements, U.S. Geological Survey, Menlo Park, California, for the years 1972-74 [unknown]

A.L. Berry, G.B. Dalrymple, M.A. Lanphere, J.C. Von Essen
1976 Circular   unpublished
Potassium-argon age measurements are reported for 61 mineral separates and rock samples from Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Utah, and Washington. The age report for ·each sample gives location, analytical data, and a brief geologic interpretation. 72 ACy 117 (Biotite) 65.6±2 m.y.; (Hornblende) 6:1.0±2 m.y. Description and location: Pluton (eastern pluton) within Talkeetna Mountains batholith. Coarse-grained foliated biotite-hornblende
doi:10.3133/cir727 fatcat:7n2quxrwpnhcni6j2r5fo35lte