Successful pole vault influenced by certain kinematical parameters

Nebojsa Zagorac, Edvard Retelj, Ratko Katić
2008 Collegium Antropologicum  
The objective of the research was to determine the pole vault kinematics parameters at Croatian vaulter in junior category, and to determine the relationship between kinematics parameters and maximum accomplished vault's altitude. Further on, the goal was to gain an insight in stability and technique quality in vaulting. To that purpose, kinematics parameters of the vaults were registered (totally 13 out of 24 vaults performed on three separate trainings). The style and conditions of vaults
more » ... tions of vaults were the same (the same pole, grip height and approach length was used). Received results of the analysis of kinematics parameters emphasised certain constancy of vault performing, therefore higher discrepancy in values of kinematics parameters between vaults was not detected. The exceptions were two vaults where difference was more than obvious. The accomplished values of kinematics parameters in this research were different and lower than those done by the world's best junior vaulters. Further on, the best competitive results lagged behind the best young vaulters. According to these facts, it was clear that examinee vaulter lagged behind in the development of basic and specific motoric as well as in level of adopted technique. Results of regression analysis showed that only one parameter (MPB-maximum pole bending) positively influenced on variable (MABA-maximum accomplished body altitude). The speed of second to last and last step (SSLS and SLS) had relatively high regression coefficients, but those coefficients weren't statistically important. The research gives entire new approach toward entire kinematics description of vault techniques which determines: stability of technique realisation i.e. its adaptation by multiplying the vaults of one vaulter, comparison with the technique of the most qualitative world's vaulters, and quality assurance of the technique of the same vaulter in time function connected to development of basic and specific motoric abilities.
pmid:19149220 fatcat:f22etow3snfelmp47dr5po62oq