Farida OUZDI
2022 RIMAK International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences  
Some unfortunate brothers were baptized to feasts and banquets for the public, and during season times Historical sources ndicate that the cults of the Abbasid Caliphs, including the Abbasid aliphate Al-Mahdi, the Mamoun and the Mu 'taad, ranged between six thousand and a thousand dinars a day, while the expenses of the Al-Mutakil kitchen amounted to one thousand dirhams, which is a fairly large budget. He was also known to identify the Abbasids with public and rivate tables, including the
more » ... h al-Mansur Al-Rasheed al-Mamoun with a stature favourable to the general public in addition to the state of development that Arab and Islamic society witnessed during the Arab era, in terms of the literature of the gourmet and the pious tools related to the Arab cuisine Result for Tth.
doi:10.47832/2717-8293.15.7 fatcat:vbasu3pq3bdi3nphr7sa24jzpi