Homotopy groups of homotopy fixed point spectra associated to En

Ethan S Devinatz
2007 Geometry and Topology Monographs   unpublished
We compute the mod(p) homotopy groups of the continuous homotopy fixed point spectrum E_2^hH_2 for p>2, where E_n is the Landweber exact spectrum whose coefficient ring is the ring of functions on the Lubin-Tate moduli space of lifts of the height n Honda formal group law over F_p^n, and H_n is the subgroup WF^x_p^n wreath product Gal(F_p^n/F_p) of the extended Morava stabilizer group G_n. We examine some consequences of this related to Brown-Comenetz duality and to finiteness properties of
more » ... topy groups of K(n)_*-local spectra. We also indicate a plan for computing pi_*(E_n^hH_n smash V(n-2)), where V(n-2) is an E_n*-local Toda complex.
doi:10.2140/gtm.2007.10.131 fatcat:g3y5rrom4fbmdlzngynbaolh2y