Inhibition of Hypertrophy and Improving Chondrocyte Differentiation by MMP-13 Inhibitor Small Molecule-Encapsulated in Alginate-Chondroitin Sulfate-Platelet Lysate Hydrogel [post]

2020 unpublished
KEYWORDS Chondrocyte hypertrophy, Platelet Lysate, MMP-13 inhibitor, Small molecules, and mechanical properties 1.2.4 Determination of ideal concentration of BICA Cell viability evaluation Cell toxicity of BICA was evaluated in duplicate using MTT assay at two time points (day 3 and 7) . Briefly, hBM-MSCs were isolated from bone marrow samples (2 donors aged 56 and 60 years old)
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:4ebpymy7mrahfe6qmbk3vhf7sa