Proposal for the composition of animal experiments committees in the Netherlands

Jan van der Valk, Sandra Swart
2006 ALTEX: Alternatives to Animal Experimentation  
The Dutch Act on Animal Experimentation (1996) requires that local animal experiments committees (AECs) review animal experiments and balance the scientific and societal benefits of the experiments against the suffering caused to the animals used. Each AEC is composed of at least seven members who provide a balance of expertise in animal experiments, alternatives to laboratory animal experiments, ethics, and animal welfare and protection. This study proposes selection criteria for individuals
more » ... ssessing each of the four AEC required areas of expertise. Criteria were established minding that, on the one hand, sufficient knowledge and expertise can be demonstrated whilst, on the other hand, a sufficient number of people would qualify to participate in the AECs. The results of this study may serve as a starting point for further discussion of selection criteria for members of AECs both in the Netherlands and in other countries where ethical review processes have been or are being implemented.
pmid:17086349 fatcat:jxupwmy6nnbi3iluw2hv5anhua