Low and high concentrations of butyrate regulate fat accumulation in chicken adipocytes via different mechanisms

Liqin Zhao, Shuang Liu, Zhihao Zhang, Jianmei Zhang, Xiaoqian Jin, Jing Zhang, Wenxiang Jiang, Haifang Li, Hai Lin
2020 Adipocyte  
The present study investigated the effects of varying concentrations of sodium butyrate (SB) on fat accumulation and cell proliferation in chicken adipocytes. High and low serial concentrations of SB used significantly reduced adipocytic fat accumulation. However, they were observed to exhibit differences in cell morphology and distinctions in lipogenic genes expression profiles. At lower concentration (0.01 mM), fat accumulation was decreased with an associated downregulation in the expression
more » ... of lipogenic genes, which was mediated by free fatty acid receptors (FFARs). Contarily, at higher concentration (1 mM), the fat droplets laden in adipocytes were enlarged, and this was accompanied with activation of lipogenic genes expression. However, the total accumulated fat was also decreased largely due to reduction in cell numbers, which was partially attributable to the reduction in histone deacetylase (HDAC) activity. Animal experiments further indicated that dietary supplementation of lower dose coated SB (0.1% wt/wt) inhibited fat deposition in livers and abdominal fat tissues of broilers, suggesting the potential application of sodium butyrate as feed additive in the regulation of fat deposition.
doi:10.1080/21623945.2020.1738791 pmid:32163011 fatcat:dpcjebtqqjgvdkwhmgcyz4tf4q