Биндарева Татьяна Александровна, Дубовик Евгения Юрьевна
2020 Азимут научных исследований: педагогика и психология, № 1(30) 29.02.2020  
At the beginning of the XXI century, the problem of personal well-being becomes relevant in foreign and domestic psychology. Despite the large number of studies on the problem of well-being, considerations of various kinds (psychological, subjective, emotional, etc.) there is an insufficient number of studies on psycho-pedagogical aspects of emotional well-being of students of choreographic College. The purpose of the article is to analyze the main results of the study of the dynamics of
more » ... ors of psychoemotional well-being of students of the choreographic College. The author considers the problem of psychoemotional well-being of students who master the profession of a ballet dancer. The author considers the concept of psychoemotional well-being, and draws its own definition, in which the psychoemotional well-being of students of the choreographic College is understood as an integral, dynamic formation of the individual, reflecting the dominant emotional States, self-attitude, manifested in General satisfaction with life, expressed by the desire for self-actualization. The author also examines the psychological aspect of the specifics of education in a choreographic College, describes the main experiences of students that lead to psychoemotional distress. As a result of the study, conclusions were drawn about the following characteristics of emotional well-being. In the 1st year, psychoemotional well-being is characterized by indicators: a reduced mood prevails, partially satisfied with life, a sense of personal failure when noticing other people, a positive attitude to oneself, a balance of self-blame for oneself and others, an adequate ratio of past success and future forecasts, and acceptance of one's personality. In the 2nd year of training, it is characterized by indicators: low mood, show activity, have a decrease in self-confidence, partially satisfied with life, reduced confidence and increased anxiety, sensitivity to comments and criticism, balance of self-blame of oneself and others, underestimation [...]
doi:10.26140/anip-2020-0904-0098 fatcat:iwllcxwkhnahth362smbu77p5m