Research on the Artistic Language of Ceramic Painting in Jingdezhen Ceramic Decoration

Deming Long
2017 Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Education, Management, Information and Mechanical Engineering (EMIM 2017)   unpublished
Ceramic painting and other painting arts have obvious differences, it has its own artistic value. Ceramic painting has a strong craftsmanship, it is the crystallization of craft personality and painting universality, is the perfect combination of science and technology with arts. The uniqueness of ceramic painting materials and craftsmanship is the main factor that determines the particularity of ceramic art. Therefore, the ceramic painter should be on the basis of research of ceramic materials
more » ... and technology, and then establish their own aesthetic orientation, in order to form a distinctively personal art language. Ceramic Painting Concept Ceramic painting is named by the painting carrier, that is, painting on the ceramic. Naming it by ceramic carrier show its characteristics, people remember it deeply. The artistic features of it have two distinctive features: firstly, it is ceramic, and the more typical feature is: it is porcelain painting. Secondly, it has the common cultural characteristics with variety of paintings. In the ceramic art, it can be with ceramic decoration, pottery together to constitute the three pillars of the Chinese contemporary ceramic art culture pattern. Ceramic painting and modern pottery are essentially different, modern pottery is the art category obviously influenced by foreign culture and independently developed. Ceramic painting refers to using ceramic painting tools and ceramic materials to carry out artistic painting on two flat porcelain plates or on three-dimensional three-dimensional ceramic utensils. Ceramic painting was gradually developed originally drawn on the traditional ceramic decoration techniques and learning from Chinese painting, especially on the basis of literati painting. Therefore, it has a strong ceramic technology, but also a simple painting, it is crystallization of the process characteristics and painting universality, is the perfect combination of art and science and technology. In the ceramic painting, the artist's main consciousness can be fully developed and publicity, the emotional component of artistic expression is greater than the rational component. Research on Artistic Language of Ceramic Painting Every kind of art has its own artistic language, arts have significant difference because of its own unique artistic language, like that the country and even the nation with their own distinctive language, language and culture will show the cultural differences and characteristics. The art of ceramic painting has its own particularity and uniqueness. Because of this, it can serve as a kind of art independently standing in the field of artistic community. It shows its potential artistic vitality by its unique superiority. The Factors Determining the Ceramic Art of Painting Their Own Specificity. Material factors. We know that porcelain is developed from pottery. Porcelain surface is usually attached to a layer of glaze, "glaze" is a silicate, after the calcination, it formed a layer of bright side. Hard texture and glazed exquisite are the basic characteristics for most porcelains, porcelain is the unity of porcelain and glaze. Adding some kind of oxidation of metal in the glaze, after the calcination, it will show a certain color. Carrying out painting performance on the special carrier of ceramics, not only the performance method and the obtained effect are different from the picture and the paper painting, it is worth studying and attention is that the effect of carrier material of the ceramic This is an open access article under the CC BY-NC license (
doi:10.2991/emim-17.2017.395 fatcat:bhlvkqi5undfbl56myd3s5rgua