One-pot synthesis of β-amino carbonyl compounds catalyzed silica supported phenylphosphinic acid

Di Liu, Jingwei Zhang, Chi Zhang, Xiaoyan Kou
2015 Green Processing and Synthesis  
AbstractA simple and facile synthesis of β-amino carbonyl compounds was developed by the one-pot condensation of cyclohexanone, aromatic aldehydes and anilines at 25°C in the presence of silica supported phenylphosphinic acid. β-Amino carbonyl compounds were obtained in moderate to good yields and reasonable diastereoselectivities. This method has the advantages of short reaction time, mild reaction conditions, reusable catalyst, cost efficiency and environment friendly. In addition,
more » ... e and aliphatic ketones as reactants were investigated.
doi:10.1515/gps-2014-0077 fatcat:uahohkgwvbaghi3n2u2sfqhrky