Evaluating group psychotherapy applications in the context of ethical rules (Turkish)

Cansu Alsancak Akbulut
2018 Klinik Psikiyatri Dergisi  
Ethical applications in group psychotherapy are known as complex and unpredictable processes. Group psychotherapy is fragile in ethical applications for several reasons. First, group members disclosure themselves not only to therapist but also other group members. Second, therapist-patient relationship includes several different interactions, which include other group members. Third, there are much more situations that therapist may not take control in group psychotherapy. Finally, there are
more » ... nally, there are much more possibilities in group psychotherapy that interrupt the effectiveness of the psychotherapy process. Therefore, the processes of examining group psychotherapy in terms of ethical dilemmas, becoming aware of the situations that create ethical dilemmas, and specifying the actions to be taken in these situations become prominent. Internalization of the ethical rules and applying these rules to different situations for the sake of patients constitute the basis of ethical awareness. Therefore, educating professionals regarding ethical issues in group psychotherapy and developing an ethically-sensitive atmosphere in the psychotherapy applications are important. In light of these information, the present review focuses on the group psychotherapy processes. Specifically, the situations that may create ethical dilemmas (therapist's competence, forming the group, informed consent, confidentiality, note taking, financial issues, multiple relationships, and termination process) were reviewed. In addition, a general synthesis was made, the limitations of the previous studies were declared and suggestions for future studies were added.
doi:10.5505/kpd.2017.36035 fatcat:z5fxyxjs4vdnvpnvviq2blmf74