Eyeing the Human Brain's Segmentation Methods

Lilian Chirukawala et al., Lilian Chirukawala et al.,
2019 International Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Research  
Image segmentation (IS) is often the first and most important step in medical image analysis. Among other uses, it helps us perform the following tasks in images: to measure and visualize the anatomical structures of the brain; to highlight brain structural changes; and to delineate regions with severe pathology. Thus, it becomes much more significant in image-guided surgical planning. To date, a considerable body of research has burgeoned, which focuses on improving segmentation accuracy and
more » ... ducing complexity. In the current study, we review well-selected articles describing the most popular segmentation methods commonly used in MRI studies. We mainly focus on highlighting the differences between these available methods, review their capabilities and advantages, and discuss their limitations and challenges. Conclusively, the study provides guidelines and directions for the appropriate segmentation approach(s) reliable and succinctly suite for MRI brain Images with good prospects. In order to fully understand concepts and problems behind segmentation methods, a need of thorough elaboration of segmentation perception is noteworthy. To do so, we have extensively established the most augmented introduction of basic segmentation concepts, and deeply explained the fundamental differences of brain-MRI preprocessing pipelines.
doi:10.24247/ijeeerjun20195 fatcat:5cacelevgvci3n5wyiq6lr2jay