Discussion: "Theoretical Analysis of the Electrochemical Machining Process" (McGeough, J. A., and Rasmussen, H., 1970, ASME J. Eng. Ind., 92, pp. 400–402)

J. P. Hoare
1970 Journal of Engineering for Industry  
Thus for sufficiently small r, varies linearly with r; this result has been verified experimentally for a 7 value of 14.4 and for (j> and r ranging from 1 to about 0.5 and from 0 to about 0.03, respectively [3], Case III g(r) = -/(r) > 0 This case corresponds to motion of the cathode away from the anode. liquation (2) becomes Here increases with T for all 7. (Note: the solution 0 and negative may not occur.) When g(r) = 1, the solution of equation (6) is
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