On the performance of a class of multihop shuffle networks

Seung-Woo Seo, P.R. Prucnal, H. Kobayashi, J.B. Lim
Proceedings IEEE International Conference on Communications ICC '95  
A generalization of the well-known shufle network is proposed f o r multihop lightwave communication. In the classical definition of 4 shufle network, i.e., N = kpk where N is the number of nodes and k is the n u mber of stages with base p , the realizable values of N are veay discrete and m a n y of the intermediate values of N are not ,realizable. In this paper, we propose 4 new definition of a shufle network as N = n k where n is the numbeir of nodes per stage with base p . Based on this new
more » ... . Based on this new definition, we divide the shufle networks into two classes: extra-stage and reduced-stage. Study results can be used t o determine a n optimal network topology when given 4 value of N .
doi:10.1109/icc.1995.524293 fatcat:cnc5c2zwaren7mcact3dfhz4bi