A New Velocipede

1879 Scientific American  
A NEW VELOCIPEDE, averted for a long time by factitious plans of selling by the vessel, which reverses by its own gravity, empties the We give herewith an engraving of a new velocipede prizes of clocks and spoons, by rapidly changing from grain, and turns the empty compartment up under the spout, tecently patented by Mr. S P. Ruggles, of 1209 Washingone brand to another, by constantly shifting the field of aud at the same time the pawl moves the index on the reg ton street, Boston, Mass. It is
more » ... oston, Mass. It is designed especially for the operations, and by a hundred and one ways that will not' ister. llse of young girls and misses as a means of out-door exerstand the test of legitiniate business methods. Call to An improvement in folding mirrors has been patented by cise and amusement, and for developing the muscles of the mind the goods in the market, however, that have become Mr. NicholasF. McEvoy (Catherine McEvoy, admimstmtrix), lower limbs, and in fact of the entire body. established and staple, and in every case they will be found of Millbury, Mass. Two or Jbore mirrors are mounted upon The velocipede is provided with two seats, one for the to be the products of manufacturers who have made it a carit standard and adapted to be placed III different positions or operator and the other for the passenger. These seats, dinal principle in their business to make only the best goods, at different angles to each other. whieh resemble a part of an ordinary cane chair, are mounted, I and while the margin of profi ts is necessarily small, the sta-An improved adjustable pillow.sham holder has been Bolton, County of Lancaster, England, have Reeves & Co., of Phcenixville, Pa. It will be J J
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican11291879-338 fatcat:ypa453bmknauzpufrxmbzggeby