Classical Dimers and Dimerized Superstructure in an Orbitally Degenerate Honeycomb Antiferromagnet

G. Jackeli, D. I. Khomskii
2008 Physical Review Letters  
We discuss the ground state of the spin-orbital model for spin-one ions with partially filled t_2g levels on a honeycomb lattice. We find that the orbital degrees of freedom induce a spontaneous dimerization of spins and drive them into nonmagnetic manifold spanned by hard-core dimer (spin-singlet) coverings of the lattice. The cooperative "dimer Jahn-Teller" effect is introduced through a magnetoelastic coupling and is shown to lift the orientational degeneracy of dimers leading to a peculiar
more » ... alence bond crystal pattern. The present theory provides a theoretical explanation of nonmagnetic dimerized superstructure experimentally seen in Li_2RuO_3 compound at low temperatures.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.100.147203 pmid:18518068 fatcat:s36b7zv7jbefrpgc6nxkfbslgm