Recommendations to Enhance Ecosystem Services in the False Creek South Neighbourhood Association's Plans for the Campus of Care

Xinyue Lan, Erin Yip, Emma Traulsen
Urban planning is the art of giving design, structure and care to the cities, which has become increasingly important as more people live in urban areas. In a changing world due to climate and land-use changes, it is vital to consider sustainability in urban planning. The False Creek South Neighborhood Association (FCSNA) is preparing a proposal to the City of Vancouver for a supportive housing complex called the Campus of Care (CoC). While there has been some consideration on the social
more » ... that the FCSNA wishes to incorporate into their proposal, little attention has been given to how the CoC can supply relevant ecosystem services (ES). The report provides suggestions developed for the plans of the CoC in order to reduce the environmental impact of the proposed infrastructure while increasing the presence of ES.
doi:10.14288/1.0413609 fatcat:yrxdppdhmjhxtnpnzuspa5dnia