Tatiana Karoyeva
2017 Mìsto: ìstorìâ, kulʹtura, suspìlʹstvo  
The article deals with practical activity of the workgroup created in order toadminister the Law of Ukraine «On condemnation of totalitarian regimes inUkraine and prohibition of propaganda of their insignia» within the town ofVinnytsia. The workgroup had to reveal objects containing communist andSoviet insignia that exists in the public urban area, to work out advice andpropositions as to replacing town toponyms containing insignia of communistthe totalitarian regime with new names.The article
more » ... names.The article content is arranged in the following blocks: a) creation of theworkgroup; b) decision-making algorithm (from historians' point of view);c) scientific grounds of historian group activity; d) selection of objects forfurther discussion; e) procedure of discussion of proposed new toponyms.Six historians residing in Vinnytsia were introduced into the workgroup.They belong to various generations and represent both governmental andpublic organizations. The following principles have been defined for organizingof the historian group activity: - toleration (provides for respectful attitude towards various canons ofhistoric memory except for Soviet-communist one);- historicism (due regard to be paid not only to the past but to currenttendencies and challenges of the future as well);- education (the activity has to promote dialogs between various socialgroups and formation of unified collective memory);- local topicality with a view to the formation of unified image/brand of thetown.Several approaches to practical activity on replacing of toponyms havebeen developed in order to ensure smooth work process. They were intendedto be used simultaneously or in sequence depending on the actual situation butevery proposal was concerned from the proposed standpoints in line with allthe following approaches:- historicity (provides for restoration of historical names of places andimplementation of historical and urban practical methods of representationof the town history in toponymy);- commemoration (this approach traditionally provides for drawing attentionto the formation of ethnic and national identity and cultural matrixof the nation, but in the course of solving of nation-wide problems Vinnytsiahistorian group strived to be oriented to the identity of local urbancommunity);- locality (conformity of toponyms to peculiarities of nature, history,economics and culture of Vinnytsia, Bratslavshchyna, and Podillia regions);- concreteness (provides for conformity of a toponym to its actual local(in line with toponym's scale) circumstances (geographical, biological,industrial, cultural, religious, personological etc.);- actualization (due regard to be paid to the necessity of drawing attentionto certain events and persons that, as a rule, are not of the nationwidescale).Out of total 836 town place names, 147 toponyms (85 names) have beenreplaced with new ones and reasoning for 5 names (12 toponyms) has beenchanged. Thus decommunization encompassed 19% of the town toponymicalsystem.
doi:10.15407/mics2017.02.196 fatcat:6376rgaayfgpvlfmnnsh2uhcua