Real-Time Adaptive Least-Squares Drag Minimization for Performance Adaptive Aeroelastic Wing

Yvonne Ferrier, Nhan T. Nguyen, Eric Ting
2016 34th AIAA Applied Aerodynamics Conference   unpublished
This paper contains a simulation study of a real-time adaptive least-squares drag minimization algorithm for an aeroelastic model of a flexible wing aircraft. The aircraft model is based on the NASA Generic Transport Model (GTM). The wing structures incorporate a novel aerodynamic control surface known as the Variable Camber Continuous Trailing Edge Flap (VCCTEF). The drag minimization algorithm uses the Newton-Raphson method to find the optimal VCCTEF deflections for minimum drag in the
more » ... of an altitude-hold flight control mode at cruise conditions. The aerodynamic coefficient parameters used in this optimization method are identified in real-time using Recursive Least Squares (RLS). The results demonstrate the potential of the VCCTEF to improve aerodynamic efficiency for drag minimization for transport aircraft.
doi:10.2514/6.2016-3567 fatcat:fzfspignbreo3hcbkjtivgvyzi